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Catering equipment

Cleancom ltd offer a wide selection of catering equipment including:

Henny Penny first introduced commercial pressure frying to the foodservice industry 50 years ago. Today, Henny Penny pressure fryers continue to lead the industry in performance, durability and innovation. Frying under pressure enables lower cooking temperatures and faster cooking times. Pressure also helps seal in the food’s natural juices and reduce absorption of frying oil into product.
Results of pressure frying generally produce a product with less fat and more original flavor than other methods of frying.


Middleby Marshall Ovens are cooking more than one million pizzas every day in more than 50 countries. There is a Middleby Marshall conveyor oven to fit every restaurants needs. The patented Energy Management system means a Middleby Marshall machine saves operators on energy costs from the very first day of use, while delivering a perfect, consistent product that customers come back for time and time again.


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